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Naked Nights - Rejuvenate | Restore | Repair - 50g. Ingredients with clinically proven results.


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Featuring ingredients from the Ocean to the Earth working in tandem to help balance and rejuvenate your skin. Ingredients clinically proven to lighten, brighten, tighten, firm, reduce wrinkle depth and much much more.

Naked Nights is a rich facial cream that soothes, nourishes and protects your skin. Naked Nights contains a natural preservative that has a vanilla/almond aroma.

Featuring Hyaluronic Acid for its topical benefits and ingredients that protect the skin by neutralising environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution and diet. These ingredients are clinically proven to improve skin appearance, increase skin brightness, reduce redness, visibly reduce wrinkles, decrease wrinkle depth, reduce water loss and balance the skin against eczema, acne and other inflammatory conditions.

In 60 days (used twice a day in a cream) Bladderwrack* is clinically proven to even skin tone, visibly reduce wrinkle depth and improve skin appearance. Skin brightness increased by 16%, colour spot intensity decreased by 20%. Wrinkle visibility was reduced in 100% of participants, skin water loss reduced by up to 33% and redness reduced by up to 50%.

In 60 days (used twice a day in a cream) Wakame* has been determined by an expert clinician to have a 60% overall appearance for the skin. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 9.5%, reduce skin roughness by 8% and increase skin elasticity by an incredible 17%. 80% of participants reported a visual difference in firmness, tightness and elasticity.

Wakame* & Bladderwrack* are also both clinically proven to balance the skin against eczema, acne and other inflammatory conditions.

Skin feel: nourishing, soft, emollient.
Suited to: most skin types, dry, dehydrated, mature skin that needs a little extra loving.
Best for: daily use at night or when you feel your skin needs extra nourishment. Very good as a daily cream when the weather becomes dry and cold.

*Ingredients and clinical data by Maritech.

Simply Indispensable - Naked Nights

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Boland
Middle Aged

Very happy with Naked Nights. Have been using for quite a while & I like the feel of my skin when I apply at night after cleansing. I am also trying the new
Naked Luxury which I also like & use alternatively with the Naked Nights.

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